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Associate Guidelines

If you're interested in becoming an Associate Streamer with the Geek Mafia, please read through our guidelines below. 

If you've any queries or if you'd like to apply, please use the contact form to get in touch and we'll be happy to help!

• We’ll promote your stream to our membership, feature you on our homepage and generally get your name out there.

• We’ll set up a geek mafia email address for you with the name of your choice eg. which you can access through the Zoho website or free app. This is how we’ll send out official messages to Associates but beyond that, you can use this email address freely.


• Staff and other associates will host your twitch channel and actively visit getting involved with chat in a positive way.

• We’ll give you mod rights in the Geek Mafia Teamspeak channel with the ability to make private rooms for your streams. You can also apply server groups like ‘live now’ to show everyone that you’re streaming.

  • We understand that you might use your own discord or other service but this is still available to you and group events will be run through the Teamspeak.

• We’ll feature your stream ‘best bits’ on the Geek mafia YouTube channel and hype your outstanding plays.

• You’ll be first in line for new services as we develop the community, we’re still young but we’re committed to progress.

What can the Geek Mafia do for me?

What's my role?

• Just keep doing what you’re doing. If we ask you to become an Associate Streamer, it’s because we like what you do! Just put in a good word with us every now and then and encourage your members to check us out and join if they like what they see. 

• Follow the Twitch or your chosen hosting service's Terms of service always.

Host and visit other Geek Mafia streamers as we’re not in competition with each other!

  • If you want to host other people too, that’s fine. We don’t have restrictions, just do your part to introduce your followers to other Geek Mafia streamers.

Display an ‘associate streamer’ graphic under your stream linked to our website.

  • This can be provided by staff or made yourself to fit your own stream style but please invite people to become members on it.






• Take part in Geek Mafia events and competitions when they interest you and get involved with the organisation of further events when you can. 

Don’t advertise your own stream in other channels. It’s bad practice mentioning your channel when another Associate or staff member is streaming. Just be courteous and thoughtful in other members' streams, that’s all we ask.


• Optional: Please set up a chat bot to occasionally mention the geek mafia. Just an hourly mention can open a conversation.


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