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Staff List

If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find them... The Geek Mafia staff team can probably help. 


If you have a commercial or general enquiry, please use the Contact Us page or email

Anton is the Godfather of the Geek Mafia. He started the YouTube channel in 2015 which has now grown into a fully fledged gaming community. You can find out more about his Twitch stream here

Founder & Staff Streamer


Sam was the first staff streamer recruited to the Geek Mafia. She's an ideas factory and all-round happiness generator. Find out more here

Staff Streamer

Samantha Beauvillain

Rezz is the newest staff streamer recruited to the Geek Mafia. You can read his personally written and incredibly humble bio on the staff streamers page.

Staff Streamer


<- This is not Valdis. This is Milo the cat who is Valdis the human's owner. He moderates the Geek Mafia streams and forums. If you find a nicer guy around these parts, they must be a figment of your imagination. 


Grimmy's our in-house counsel and general idea trampoline. He's studying law at the moment so if you see him online, tell him to go away and study! 

Legal Advisor (in training)


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