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Teamspeak Address

Here be no passwords!

  • How do I join the Teamspeak server?
    Download and install the Teamspeak 3 client. You can find more information about this at their website- When you have Teamspeak open, go to Bookmarks (at the top) then add to bookmarks. Bookmark Name- The Geek Mafia TeamSpeak Nickname- Whatever you want us to know you as. Server Nickname or Address- Leave the others blank and hit ok. We're now saved on your teamspeak for whenever you want to join us. To head into the server, go back up to bookmarks and select The Geek Mafia Teamspeak. You will arrive in the lobby. You can make full use of the guest rooms until an admin gives you your member rank. We'll be with you ASAP.
  • I can't hear people or they can't hear me!
    What? What was that? Sorry. lame joke. This website should help you solve all your problems. If you follow all the steps but are still having trouble, contact a staff member or .
  • How do I change my nickname or picture?
    Right click your own name in the teamspeak window and 'Change nickname' or 'Set avatar'.
  • What are those symbols beside the names?
    These are the server groups assigned to individuals. Some of them affect access within the teamspeak server like the ranks: Guest- Unconfirmed member- Access to guest rooms only. Member- Registered on the website- Full access to member rooms. Veteran- Has been a member for 6 months or more without incident. Associate- Geek Mafia Contributor- Moderator. Admin- Geek Mafia Staff member- Unlimited POWERRRRRR (ahem, sorry). But honestly, most are just fun groups added in jest (Ask Joeker about naked pan man). If you would like to know the symbol's name, click on a member with it and check the panel on the right. If you would like to know how it was earned, ask!
  • How is the server funded?
    The server is funded by TheFirstFalcon but since there have been requests to be able to donate for the server, this can be done Here. This is entirely optional and any donations go straight into the teamspeak server without reaching anyone elses' hands. Please don't feel obliged.
  • How can I make teamspeak look or sound better?
    There are loads of skins and soundpacks for teamspeak which you can mess around with. You can find them here: My favourite soundpack tells you who's entered the room:
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